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Debate: Episodic TV Consumption Styles

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Published: 2019-04-05
Duation: 0:51:15
About this episode:
What's happening with Dustin and Alex?
- (1:43) Happy birthday to Alex's sister!
- (2:07) Captain Marvel moves to #8 in ticket sales
- (3:44) Other movies coming out in April
- (6:57) Fox Layoffs
- (8:27) Borderlands 3

RnA: Rare 'n Astonishing
- (14:52) Pessimist's Archive Podcast: https://pessimists.co

Debate: Episodic TV Consuption Styles
- (18:00) Recap of previous discussion
- (18:46) Pros of dropping entire season of content at once
- (24:51) Cones of dropping all content at once
- (36:12) Random thoughts


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