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IGN's 10 out of 10 video games

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Published: 2021-10-19
Duation: 1:22:29
About this episode:
IGN has released a list of their 10/10 video games, a title that is hard to come by and even more controversial. What makes a perfect game? Did IGN make the right choice and are there games they snubbed?

- Dustin: Metroid Dread
- Alex: Setting up a new desk and new phone

- End of MCU Spider-Man: https://screenrant.com/spiderman-no-way-home-franchise-ending-tom-holland/
- DCFandome: https://www.dcfandome.com/age-gate

- XBox Series X mini-fridge: https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/15/22727969/xbox-series-x-mini-fridge-price-release-date

Main Topic - IGN's 10/10 video games
- The list
- What are you looking for in a 10/10 video game?
- Which are our favorite type of game?
- Future games that could be 10/10s?


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