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Movie Plot Memories

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Published: 2019-09-09
Duation: 1:01:23
About this episode:
Can you remember the plot of Forrest Gump? How about Chronicles of Riddick? It's a fun new game created by Our DnA Podcast were we try to remember the plot to a movie from memory only. No points, no winner, but only hilarious half remembered plots.

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- Alex: Finally reveals the NDA game ( 1:30 )
- Dustin: School started and is exhausted ( 6:40 )

TBD News ( 9:57 )

Question from Twitter
- What should we cancel? ( 11:27 )

- Korean zombie thriller, Train to Busan ( 25:20 )

Main Topic
- Recalling movie plots from memory ( 27:46 )


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