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Spider-Man: Far from Home review (Spoilers)

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Published: 2019-07-12
Duation: 1:08:22
About this episode:
The 23rd Marvel movie has officially dropped and the team is on it! Reviewing the second Spider-Man movie in the MCU, Dustin and Alex talk about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spoiler warning as we go in-depth into the story and our thoughts on it. Do we think this is a worthy adventure for the web warrior or should your spider sense tingle, and you should pass on this Euro-vacation.

- Dustin is now playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the night (0:46)
- Alex works on his resume and watches the new Robin Hood (3:52)

- TBD News (8:12)

Question from Twitter
- Describe the taste of cola without using the word "cola" (9:56)

- Bluetooth cassette player (16:46)

Main Topic
- Spider Man: Far From Home review (23:15)
- Spoiler warning for the movie (29:50)


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