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Supers Ruined My Job!

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Published: 2019-04-19
Duation: 0:30:28
About this episode:
What's happening with Dustin and Alex?
- (0:13) Dustin is unemployed
- (1:49) NBA Playoffs

Two Minutes of News
- (5:05) Game of Thrones: Season 8 has begin
- (5:40) Disney Plus pricing
- (6:02) Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order announced
- (6:40) PS5 announced

Questions from Twitter - @RaeJohnston
- (7:13) Tell me about a techinque you used to survive in a video game that would never work in real life?

RnA: Rare 'n Astonishing
- (10:07) Work Life with Adam Grant - https://www.ted.com/podcasts/worklife

Supers Ruined My Job!
- (11:37) Introduction
- (13:30) Social Worker
- (14:56) Car Wash Owner
- (17:35) Olympica Athlete
- (20:12) Pest Control
- (23:40) Weather Person


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