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The Oscars

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Published: 2019-02-19
Duation: 0:39:06
About this episode:
What's happening with Dustin and Alex?
- Brewfest Eugene
- Oregon's "Snowmaggedon"
- Learning Japanese
- Alex's update on Apex Legends
- Brie Larson's comment for more diversity in the film world.

RnA: The band Fortune's Folly - https://fortunesfollyband.com

Main Topic: The Oscars!
Oscar season is here and our heroes journey into the past of the show. Facts on how the voting system works, how one becomes part of the group and how the system can be improved. Does Best Picture actually mean anything? Should we wait to actually select a "Best Picture" until years later? Hoping to get some hindsight and clearity on what's really important for film?

Also, who is the Oscars for anyway? Is it for the public or the Hollywood film industry?


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