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Look, let's just get real here. You didn't come to this site for some visually stunning work of web, you're here for some sweet sweet podcasting. Check out one of our many episodes and give it a whirl!

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Welcome to Our DnA podcast, the show about everthing we're made of, except for real science. Join Dustin and Alex, two future thinking, trail-blazing, amazing dudes who grew up in the 90's and have cultivated a vast knowledge of useless pop culture facts plus a sharp wit to use them.


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Email Dustin at DustinReese07@gmail.com

Fun loves and easy going, I am ready for most things in life. I am a freelance graphic designer by day, podcasting, single father by night. My favorite video games growing up were Sonic & Knuckles, Super Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. My love of comics goes deep as it helped me gain confidence and learn how to read.


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Email Alex at Alexander.D.Smith6@gmail.com

Hi, I really like long walks on the beach.. eh wait wrong bio... hi, I enjoy podcasting about the things I love. Video games, movies, pop culture and comics. Also can talk days about basketball and sneakers. All about them J's. Come check out our podcast.